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Welcome to Komboss Pte. Ltd - Your Trusted Technology Partner and Systems Integrator 

Our Services

Supply of Equipment

As Motorola’s main distributor,  we supply and support all telecommunication products including:

  • Network Management System

  • Mobile Workstation

  • Digital Portable Radios

  • Digital Mobile Radios

  • Base Station/Repeater

  • GPS

Furthemore, Komboss is capable of providing any telecommunication solution to fulfill customers’ requirements and project implementation needs.

Project Management

​•    High degree of experience and 100% success rate in the implementation of large government projects
•    Core Team familiar with the nuances of the region, with experience in deploying sensitive and critical projects in coordination with government agencies. 
•    We assure project completion within the stipulated timeframe and budget. 
•    Services include: Installation & Commissioning, Maintenance and Quality Assurance. 

Prime Contractor

  • We are experienced in taking prime contractor roles and leading large government projects. 

  • We protect our reputation of high integrity and trust by carrying out each project transparently with complete coordination with customer, effectively and efficiently in order to provide satisfaction to all customers’ metrics.

  • Our network of partners and allies are composed of only the best in the industry, allowing us to provide the latest technology with zero risk. 

Aviation Supplier and
Service Provider

With a deep commitment to excellence and innovation, Komboss specializes in aeronautics, particularly in the supply and maintenance of helicopters and planes.

Trust us to keep your flight operations safe and secure, and running at 100%.

Why Choose 

Best solutions and service, high quality, reliable and secure

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions and services that meet their unique requirements. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to deliver high-quality, reliable, secure solutions that would enhance operational efficiency and success factors and safeguard your resources.

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